Health Care Facilities and Medical Offices Cleaning

Clinical facilities such as medical and surgical centers require specific janitorial services to ensure the safety of all staff, patients, and visitors. At Hartland Cleaning Services, we understand the type of commercial cleaning services required for these important facilities and over the years have sanitized many clinics of all sizes in the Omaha area. We understand the importance of these facilities and can guarantee that the high level of aseptic cleaning required in operating and exam rooms will flow over to all support rooms in the facility.

Clinical facilities and medical offices have a duty to adhere to healthcare mandates, regulations, and standards to practice safely and give patients the clean environment they deserve to be served in. This is why we give the same level of cleaning in rooms such as waiting rooms, the front desk, hallways, nursing stations, and all utility closets to provide you with the best janitorial services and office cleaning we can.

Just a few of the services we can provide to your clinic include:

We know that helping keep patients safe and preventing any disease and infection spread is your number one concern at your clinic. Hartland Cleaning Services is here to help you complete your mission statement and give every patient the best care they can receive because, like you, we strive to give all of our clients the best possible janitorial services and keep the Omaha area as clean as possible. Let us take on the cleaning burden so you can continue to help people.

For your Commercial Cleaning Service needs, Hartland Cleaning Services has your back. Call to schedule a consultation for your cleaning needs today!