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My job with Heartland works for me because of the flexibility. I have things in my personal life that make the ‘normal’ 9 to 5 job impractical. With Heartland there are various hours available depending on the job.


Very nice group of people, always willing to help out very flexible. I’m very happy to be working for this company


I’ve been a long time employee of Heartland Cleaning because of the flexible hours. They don’t mind when I come in and clean and it works with my other employment. Also any time I need cleaning supplies they are quick to get them to me. They are friendly and easy to work for.


I’ve been at Hartland Cleaning for awhile now. They are a great company to work for, they make sure that the businesses are cleaned right and I take pride in doing my job for them. They make sure the work we do as as an employee is up to standard. I’ve enjoyed working for this company, they have respect for the employees as well as the client. I love working for them and where I can clean at, feels like family there and always kept on a professional basis. Hartland is a great company to be with!